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Bit of a rookie question here(possibly stupid), something I'm just not fully sure off.

I have recently acquired my first VPS(ubuntu) and am looking to install a control panel(webmin).

I'm just wondering, I already have lighttpd web server and mysql installed, so when I install webmin will it work OK along side these, or should I have installed webmin first(if so should I remove current mysql/lighttpd before installing webmin?), or is it not even an issue?

Just looking to understand it fully in my head really.

Many thanks for advice/help.

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Webmin is only a web-based for Sysadmin. It runs on built-in webserver called miniserv.pl. I'm sure you can install it with existing lighttpd and MySQL.

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Thanks quanta, I think I'll go ahead with it. –  Phil Jul 30 '11 at 13:48

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