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Is there any free mail server (in this case POP3) for Windows that supports aliases?


User name: iboyd

User name: bob

User name: marie

For years i have been using my own custom-written POP3 server that worked with the Window's built-in SMTP service (since there was no POP3 server). i want to move off Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003 2008 2008 R2 2012, and i'm dreading having to re-configure the built-in SMTP server with the external COM object extensions that added greylisting. Plus it would be useful to have a product that handled RBL/SBL and graylisting in one product.

But a feature i require is wildcard aliasing of e-mail addresses, with user accounts that are independent of host names.

i've tried hMailServer. And while it looks like i might support aliases:

enter image description here

It doesn't actually work, as only one test e-mail ends up in my account, rather than a half-dozen:

+OK Send your password
pass serverfault
+OK Mailbox locked and ready
+OK 1 messages (185 octets)
1 185

The reason i want a Windows SMTP & POP3 server is that i have no interest anymore in editing config files.

Note: Even hMailServer isn't really want i want, because user accounts exist under a domain, rather than independant of it, i.e.


would would to be separate user accounts, because they are separate domains.

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Take a look at Mercury 32. The user accounts are stand-alone and not tied to Windows in anyway. The wildcard aspects may be difficult in the per user basis as you have presented, but can possibly be addressed through its rules processing.

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