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Is there some sort of free and/or open source converter that could be used on a Linux or Windows server to convert ODP (Open Office presentations) into Powerpoint files?

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You can use oood, from Nexedi. I've used it under Linux to convert odt documents to various formats, but it can be made working also for odp to ppt; it is an xml-rpc server, and client with samples are provided in a number of languages.

A new version of this is cloudooo, same company, but never actually tried it.

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Why not just save the files in PowerPoint format from OpenOffice?

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The files come in ODP, and I need them converted. These files aren't necessarily coming from Open Office directly and they need to be stored in ODP on my server before being downloaded in PPT. – Andrew M Jul 30 '11 at 21:11
There are some scripting facilities available through the Python integration which may be utilized to automate your needs. – user48838 Jul 30 '11 at 21:26

You can run OpenOffice in a headless mode for doing batch conversions.

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The idea makes sense, but it needs a sample command to make it useful. – Andrew Schulman May 24 at 15:52

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