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I'm trying to configure zabbix with email notifications. I read many docs about it already, but I must be missing something still, because it doesn't work...

What I have configured at the moment:

  • media type: email, with host=localhost, helo=localhost, email=zabbix@somedomain.com
  • user with email assigned for all events apart from "not classified"
  • sendmail is running on the host
  • one remote host is monitored through zabbix_agent - I'm turning it off to cause a trigger to fire
  • zabbix panel "beeps" and show the failing check correctly
  • nothing is written to the sendmail logs (it does write a message if I try connecting with telnet, so it works in general)
  • nothing related seems to be written to the zabbix_server log

What else can I check?

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Noone was in the group which was assigned to an action. After setting proper groups for notifications, emails are sent out.

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Another place to check in this case is the "notifications" tab under admin in the frontend. –  Walter Heck Aug 18 '11 at 6:46

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