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It seems i'm unable to change any of the values for innodb_buffer_pool_size, innodb_log_file_size, innodb_file_per_table or innodb_flush_method for mysql running on windows. Mysql does not print any error messages. Changing innodb_buffer_pool_size to any value causes this to happen. I want to be able to change it to 1.2G, but setting it to 24M has the same effect. I cannot set innodb_file_per_table, even without changing innodb_buffer_pool_size.

First I had xampp running, then i downloaded the latest stable version from mysql website. So mysql 5.5.8 and 5.5.15. Same thing. Tested under windows xp 32 and windows server 2008 r2 64. I really need to run it from this box, unfortunately.

Data directory is empty, only the mysql and performance schema.

Very strange. I cannot find anything about it. Few people asked the same question, without answers, not here though.

update: It seems that it works with windows 2008 r2 and the latest stable version of mysql, 5.5.15. I had not tested this yet. Still strange it does not work in xp 32, no matter how low I set it, mysql32 on x64 same thing.

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