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HI I am going to install MyBB but I am not sure whether I have installed the correct version of PHP and MySQL.

PHP version 5.1.0 or above with XML Extension installed

MySQL version 4.0 or above

How to check that? Especiall the PHP XML Extension?

Is there simpler way than the <?php phpinfo() ?> solution? I am expecting a command line solution.

Thanks a lot!

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Do it from your command line:

php -v
mysql -V


php -i | grep -i '^libxml'


Put this in your root directory:


Save it as phpinfo.php and point your browser to it (this could be http://localhost/phpinfo.php)

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Use dpkg to find the installed package versions.

dpkg -l | grep '\(php\|mysql\)'
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Returns nothing if compile from source. – quanta Aug 1 '11 at 5:00

Any one of these queries will tell you what the MySQL version running is once connected:



This works for MySQL 5.1+

SELECT variable_value FROM information_schema.global_variables
WHERE variable_name='version';

Doing the following from the command line:

mysql -V will get you the version of the client.

mysqld -V will get you the version of the server.

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