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I'm migrating to a new server and I want to directly copy the files from old server to the new server without downloading to my PC and then uploading again.

Is this possible? Both servers have cPanel.



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WHM has this functionality built in. Log in to the WHM control panel of the server you want to transfer to (you need to log in as root or another user with root access), in the left-hand menu scroll down to 'Transfers' and select the appropriate option, then enter the root login credentials for the server you want to transfer from and select the accounts. Then follow the guide to confirm the settings you want and hit transfer. WHM will start moving the files, configuration and database over to the new server. Once that's done you should test the new server by modifying your hosts file (Google will show you how to do this). Once you're sure everything works as expected update the nameservers on your domain to the new nameservers given to you by CPanel and you're good to go.

If you preffer working on the command line there are two tools called '/scripts/pkgacct' and '/scripts/restorepkg' that can wrap up a domains settings, files and db into a tar.gz file, then copy the tar.gz file accross to the new server using SCP or something similar and use the restorepkg script to re-create the domain in the new server


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