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I'm looking to host my own website, and was searching for good hosts - Linux based servers with PHP support. While checking up on popular webhosts, this question struck.

Is there a way to find the server details - statistics like web host name, OS used, version etc.. - of any website that you want? For example, if I want to look up on the host/ server details of say, what has to be done? Any online options?

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try, you should note thought that large sites will ether use their own datacenters, or use enterprise hosting/co-location (Generally not cost effective unless you have 200 servers) – Smudge Aug 1 '11 at 10:59

IIRC, Netcraft gathers this information

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Without thinking too much, OS could be found in headers or requesting a non-existant page (404). Although good web pages will have custom error pages, some may show the web server version.

You could also try with a whois on the domain to search the domain registrar. Could not be the same as the hosting but trying is cheap.

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