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I have LDAP service running on Ubuntu server. I use webmin to administer ldap service of the base dn Is it possible runnig LDAP on multiple domains?, like I want to create one more different root domain along with in ldap. Please share ideas if anybody has any.


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What, specifically are you trying to do?

If you want to create a second LDAP tree you need a higher level root - You can base your tree at o=MyCompany, and have two Domain-Component trees under it (dc=mydomain2,dc=com,o=MyCompany & dc=mydomain,dc=net,o=MyCompany).
If you want to be pedantic (and if LDAP allows it) you can root your tree at dc=. as well in true DNS fashion.

If you just want to have two systems authenticate against the same LDAP data I wouldn't worry so much about the name. If you want to worry about it consider using an LDAP Referral if all your systems support it...

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Thanks for the answer and for the link!. I'm no much good at ldap so I'm using webmin only for ldap instead using ldap commands. I want to configure ldap with 2 different root domains so that I can use them for authentication. There was an options in webmin which says Tree but when I try to create it says Failed... no proper global knowledge. – user53864 Aug 2 '11 at 2:21

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