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I would to like to validate a username and password correspond to a valid unix account.

The current solution I have uses expect to wait for a password prompt and then supply the password and see if the login succeeds.

Is there a kernel API or a user space function that can validate a login / password.

I guess part of my confusion is I am not sure if this is a kernel space service?

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You should use pam. On debian/ubuntu you can:

apt-get install python-pam

Simple code in python

See the /usr/share/doc/python-pam/examples/ file. It's really short and does what you want.

To test it, run:

python /usr/share/doc/python-pam/examples/

There is also an example in C pamexample.c.

To test it:

gcc /usr/share/doc/python-pam/examples/pamexample.c -lpam -l pam_misc
./pam_misc theuser
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to check if a user credentials are good you can try logging as him:

su - username

But reading about PAM may be a better route in the long term

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To kick start your search, this is a page with a list of different PAM modules... – Mike Keller Aug 2 '11 at 20:30

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