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I'm trying to run snapshot on my server to back up the drive onto a local NAS server. I'm currently using this on a Win2k, Win2k3, and Win2k8 servers. Both the Win2k and Win2k8 servers are correctly backup up the data, but the Win2k3 is returning a:

Could not Start

error. I use a batch file to run snapshot, and it's run using a Domain Admin account. Here's the specific Batch code:

pskill snapshot
rem @echo off
echo. 2>"C:\Program Files\Snapshot\logs\monday_snapshot.log"
"C:\Program Files\Snapshot\snapshot.exe" c: \\NAS\Data_Backup\snapshot\server\monday_cdrive.sna -Go -T --novss --LogFile:"C:\Program Files\Snapshot\logs\monday_snapshot.log"
"C:\Program Files\Snapshot\snapshot.exe" F: \\NAS\Data_Backup\snapshot\server\monday_fdrive.sna -Go -T --novss --LogFile:"C:\Program Files\Snapshot\logs\monday_snapshot.log"
blat -bodyF "C:\Program Files\Snapshot\logs\monday_snapshot.log" -server mail.netcommusa.net -portSMTP 2525 -f mailrelay@netcommusa.net -i snapshot@*******.com -subject "Snapshot of Main Server" -u mailrelay@*******.net -pw mailrelay -to ********@gmail.com

Note blat is a simple program to send email from the command window

I've tried following this KB article found from this answer to a similar problem with no success. I've also tried this solution as well, but alas still no success.

My last result was:


which means that:

0x0: The operation completed successfully.

(from this KB article) but it's not successfully completing as it's not backup up the drives. Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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You're running a batch file to backup? What's your batch file look like? What user are you running it from? –  Nixphoe Aug 1 '11 at 20:48
@Nixphoe: Added more detail. –  KronoS Aug 1 '11 at 20:53
If you login to the server with the same user account that you're using to run the script from and you manually try to run it (maybe put in a pause at the end for troubleshooting), are you able to run it correctly? –  Nixphoe Aug 1 '11 at 21:19
The Batch file runs fine when I run it locally. @Nixphoe –  KronoS Aug 1 '11 at 21:43
In the scheduled task log, what's the result code? Should be something like C0000XXX. I might also check to make sure your pskill and blat program's full path is listed just in case there might be something funny going on with that. –  Nixphoe Aug 1 '11 at 21:54

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