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I trying to setup as part of a study a PaaS (Platform as a service) for Ruby on Rails applications. I have already played with Amazon EC2 and Chef creating EC2 instances based on Chef's recipes and roles.

Now I need to be able to give every "customer" account or every app a unique subdomain like,, etc. which points to my customer's app on an EC2 instance. I then need to allow the customer to point their domain to their customized subdomain (,

Can someone explain to me how I can achieve that?

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It's a Simple Matter Of Programming. You should have something that maps customers to instances, like a database (assuming you're not going to run everything through a single frontend proxy) and then a script or whatever to generate the DNS zone from that data.

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We wrote a cookbook for dynamically setting DNS entries in DynDNS Inc's Dynect API.

You could also use one of our published cookbooks for djbdns, powerdns or unbound.

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