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In a windows XP pc, joined to a domain, I have a service (SCardSvr) that use to run as "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService". Accidentally I changed the logon to local system account and the service didn't work properly. So I'd like to set the logon back to "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService", and I did it leaving the password blank. Too bad if I start the service (I'm a local admin) the service don't run and gives me this error: error 5: access denied

I also set the service to run automatically and I restarted the pc, but nothing changes. Any idea? I need the service to run under "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService" credential...

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There is a complete Knowledge Base Article for that here.

If it still persists after following the guideline, then bother Microsoft for a bad documentation.

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And read the Caution section where it says: "Don't change the user!" – mailq Aug 2 '11 at 14:23
mmmm... so the the solution is, don't do any error first!?!? I think they says that, if you change the user, the service could not start. I don't think they meant once you changed the user the service will never start again, even if you set the original user. – themarcuz Aug 2 '11 at 14:38

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