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Is there anyway to know from what console is an user logged ?

with the who command gives me:

NAME     LINE         TIME             COMMENT
atomsfat  pts/0        2011-08-02 08:52 (
atomsfat  pts/2        2011-08-02 09:01 (
atomsfat  pts/4        2011-08-02 09:01 (
atomsfat  pts/5        2011-08-02 11:48 (

And with whoami command just say: atomsfat

How can I get the current console in use in my session ? for example: pts/5

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Are you trying to take control over a console already in use? What distribution? more info is required. – Silverfire Aug 2 '11 at 23:07
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You want tty(1).

$ tty
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