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I am currently using Centos 6. I want to use the latest version of libvirt (libvirt 0.9.4). The machine already has libvirt 0.8.1 installed . I did yum remove libvirt to remove the existing libvirt and I compiled 0.9.4 from source using :

./configure --prefix=/


make install


/etc/init.d/libvirtd start

After the installation is complete, I wanted to use the virsh interface. Once I enter virsh , I get :

virsh /lib/libvirt.so.0: version 'LIBVIRT_PRIVATE 0.8.1' not found (required by virsh)

Can somone let me know how to solve this issue? Correct me if I am doing something wrong. Thanks a lot !

  • Sethu
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This is because you are still using the stock virsh from CentOS - and that is not compiled against libvirt.

Your best option is to recompile virsh against that version, preferably the same version as the library.

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