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I have a problem with svn related with https, but with http it works. Here is the problem:

I can Checkout a repo in our SVN-Server, but I can´t commit it, I get following error:

Commit Commit failed (details follow): OPTIONS of '': Could not read status line: connection was closed by server (

So I set the Loglevel higher an I found following message in the apache log:

[Thu Aug 04 14:16:54 2011] [info] [client 123.456.789.10] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: SSL input filter read failed. [Thu Aug 04 14:16:54 2011] [info] [client 123.456.789.10] Connection closed to child 9 with standard shutdown (server

The strange thing is, sometimes it works and the most time not. I use the svn-client tortoise.

Somebody have an idea where the problem is? At google I did not found anything helpful.

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Try to disable the mod reqtimeout.

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Check your apache Timeout value. Depending on your OS, usually one of these two will work:

grep -r Timeout /etc/httpd

or grep -r Timeout /etc/apache2

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