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ps -ax is showing me this weird process running on a Debian server:

 2498 ?        S      0:00 error -n retry -t unix -u -c

This appears several times.

Kernel version is Debian Lenny.

Any clue on what this process is?

Thanks in advanced!

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It's part of the Postfix MTA as @akramer replied to you.

But, as a tip for your future :) if you ever again wonder if some process is part of another program, use ps faux. It formats the output in a tree like format, linking child processes to parent process. Or alternatively you can use command pstree -ap.

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Thanks, really useful info and hint! – romeroqj Aug 9 '11 at 21:29

Check /proc/$PID to explore all info about this process. For example, get the full path:

ls -l /proc/2498/exe
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This is a component of the Postfix MTA.

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