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Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but looking at my IIS log files, I can deduce which folder contains logs for which site, because I am familiar with the sites.

However, I can't see anything that tells me that a particular site will send logs to (for example) W3SVC4.

In IIS 6, the log folder path is shown at the bottom of the logging properties UI, but not in IIS 7 as far as I can see.

If I had a lot of sites on the server, this could be harder to tell.

Is there a setting I can check?

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In IIS manager open the feature pane for your site and double click on the Logging feature:

enter image description here

You'll get this dialogue:

enter image description here

The logging path is highlighted in the red box. The default path will be:


Where W3SVCxxxxxx is created automatically based on the IIS number or ID of the site.

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+1 / and you can find the site's ID "Advanced Settings" (in the "Actions" panel on the right in IIS Manager) – splattne Aug 5 '11 at 11:21
Thanks for the comment as it is this I'd that I'm interested in – gb2d Aug 18 '11 at 6:23

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