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Up until this morning, I had a website running on ec2 (freeBSD, ami-8cce3fe5, running django/uwsgi/nginx), with an elastic ip of . The site was being served, and I could ssh into the instance. Now the site is down and I can't even ssh into the instance.

As I hadn't made any changes while I was asleep, I thought maybe the instance had just crashed, so I restarted it, but to no avail:

when i try to ssh into it, the request just times out. pinging the ip also times out. pointing a browser to it's public dns ( also times out.

Although I haven't messed with security groups at all, these are the TCP ports for reference:

0 - 65535   sg-3ab01353 (default)
22 (SSH)
80 (HTTP)

Also, the system log that I can get from the amazon dashboard does not seem to contain any error messages. (the last entry is "Starting background file system checks in 60 seconds. Sat Jul 2 14:49:18 UTC 2011")

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If you have backups of everything, I would suggest relaunching the instance instead of simply restarting it. Also, have you contacted Amazon support? Give them the instance ID, and they might be able to resurrect it.

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