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I'm using my DNS server to block certain sites. However, I ran into a problem.

Let's say there are the following domains:

  • ...

However, I only want to block and by pointing their DNS entries to an invalid IP. All other subdomains should remain intact. However, the problem arises when I add as a zone. Once I did that, all subdomains belong to become "non-existent domain" when I use nslookup. Blocking does not create any problem.

Is there any way to create an entry for and still let its subdomains use other authoritative nameservers?


I tried what @MikeyB suggested, but nslookup still gives me "non-existent domain".

What I did :

  1. Create a zone in Cpanel for to point to A (random ip)
  2. edit the SOA of and point it to the real nameserver

I was not able to create NS record * pointing to the real nameservers. Cpanel gives me the error message of

"invalid NS owner name (wildcard)"

Do I need to add a new zone for * If yes, what IP should I be pointing it to since it's a wildcard domain? Do I point it to the IP of

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Create a zone for

In that zone, create appropriate records for and
Then create NS records for * pointing to the real nameservers.

That should do what you want.

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