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I used to have a blog under the domain "", so I have a domain account under that name on my hosting service. When that domain name expired on GoDaddy, I created a domain alias on the hosting service called "", still under my "" account. This worked, i.e. typing "" into a browser address bar would cause the browser to load my WordPress blog's home page.

Last week I was fiddling around with DNS records for "" and "", and I don't recall what I did, but now typing "" into the browser gives a "Google Chrome could not find" error. I can ping the URL though, and the blog installation is still active on the host.

How can I use elementary tools like nslookup to determine why my blog is missing and qwhat DNS records I need to restore to get it 'live' again?

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Your hostname must match the IP. Issue nslookup better dig and look if you get the expected IP. If not change it in the DNS (hint it's the A record).

Repeat with any other hostname.

And as a hint: I can access the site and see a "blog" with just one post.

Another hint: has expired. Re-register or it will get lost.

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The domain resolves to and I can load your blog. The domain resolves to and loads a for sale page.

dig +short

dig +short
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