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I'm thinking about whether it makes more sense to include the file from the jQuery website, rather than hosting it on your own server, since 1st time visitors probably already have the jquery-latest.min.js from downloaded and will be able to use a cached version of it, so page load time will be a bit faster.

Does anyone know how this works and want to share their thoughts? Do you think it is irrelevant or could there be some milliseconds to gain :) ?

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You should most definately not include the jQuery script from -… - Instead use the Google or Microsoft CDNs. – Smudge Aug 8 '11 at 13:10
A-ha thanks for the heads up! – abcde123483 Aug 8 '11 at 13:48
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most browsers will make anywhere from 4-6 parallel get requests to the same hostname to get css/js/images from the server. So if all your assets point to the same hostname then offloading the jquery one might be a good idea for speed for those that do not even have it cached cause the browser will make an additional get request after the 4-6 to get your assets.

The better place to link the file is the google cdn though

That way the download will happen from a server closer to the user.

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