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I am having DNS issues and simply can't solve it. I get 1-2 "DNS error" or "Network unreachable" errors in Google webmaster tools.

I checked my DNS via intodns.com, but everything is fine.

When I restart BIND I get this:

1. max open files (1024) is smaller than max sockets (4096): 2 Time(s)
2. Network unreachable resolving ...few errors
3. The working directory is not writable (WHM server, normal?)
4. using default UDP/IPv4 port range: [1024, 65535]: 2 Time(s)
using default UDP/IPv6 port range: [1024, 65535]: 2 Time(s)
client view external: zone transfer 'domain/AXFR/IN' denied: 2 Time(s)

What are some possibilities for receiving "DNS error" or "Network unreachable" errors in Google webmaster tools?

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Can you expand on the errors that you're seeing from Google's tools? As well as what the Network unreachable errors contain? –  Shane Madden Aug 9 '11 at 2:28
Google Errors: DNS Issue + Network Unreachable Dns Error On Bind Restart: network unreachable resolving '': 2001:610:240:0:53::193#53: 1 Time(s) network unreachable resolving '': 2001:660:3006:1::1:1#53: 1 Time(s) –  mashup Aug 9 '11 at 2:50

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