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I have munin setup so that it can be accessed by any virtual domain on my server by adding /munin/ to the end of the virtual domain. Apache alias setup looks like this ->

Alias /munin /home/munin/

Now I have just setup nginx as the reverse proxy and everything seems to be working fine with the domain names apart from me being unable to access the munin directory.

If I remove the alias then the munin directory loads up but the static (image files, js files, etc) content doesn't load up.

I have tried adding alias in nginx but that doesn't seem to help by using

location /munin {
    Alias /home/munin

The question is not just bound to this one directory but any other directory for example the /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ directory as I am unable to access that aswell after setting up nginx as proxy.

How can I configure nginx to allow me to able to access munin which resides in /home/munin by using the format


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location /munin {
   root /home;
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If you are using a different port for the apache proxy such as 8080 or something then you can access munin directly by using apache by using

I had the same problem and this was an easy solution

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