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I'm currently looking into implementing DFSR, with the following setup:

2 Offices in the US 2 Ofices in Europe

The offices are currently using a NAS where I just copy stuff when needed, and have VPN connectivity over 20MB lines.

It will be around 1TB of files, mostly big static files, and a few little files that will be accessed/edited more often (think ms office files).

Is there a way to know what hardware would be needed to implement DFSR at my scale ? I've read about I/Os requirements, but will it be a bottleneck for me with max 40 to 60 people accessing the DFS at the same time?

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This is a general question on file server performance and is not specific to DFS. I think you'll find the File server capacity planning tool useful. See for links.

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Thanks, didn't knew about that :P Will probably accept as answer if nothing else is added. – Florent Courtay Aug 11 '11 at 15:31

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