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I have a LAN of 4 computers connected through D-Link dir-300 router. This router have own dhcpd and IP adress, but i want to use one of computers as dhcp server. I got install bind9 to machine, disable router's own dhcpd and it's work - now other computers requests IP addresses from But if I shut down this computer, network will has no dhcp servers, right? So, can I specify as "primary dhcp server" and router as "fallback dhcp server", which will normally ignores IP requests but works if primary dhcp server is down?

Sorry for my english :\

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DHCP Relays are capable of doing stuff like this (in some but not all cases). But I think in your setup, you might have trouble doing this. Unless your DHCP server on the router is capable of knowing if the primary is online and odds are, it will not. – MikeAWood Aug 10 '11 at 1:10
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Redundant DHCP servers are best deployed as active/active with each server offering half of the available scope. The way DHCP works, whichever server responds first will be used by the client.

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Correct for this specific case. However, DHCP failover is more appropriate for anything larger than a home network. – 84104 Aug 10 '11 at 5:36

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