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In 64-bit Windows versions, is there a way I can tell if an executable requires 64-bit to launch?

I'm looking for a better way than Process Explorer to find out, preferrably BEFORE launching.

EDIT: So how would I know that an application requires Win64 environment?

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The processor architecture flag in the header of an EXE or DLL will tell you. The PEDUMP utility ( will dump that entry. In the "File Header" section, look at "Machine". The i386 (32-bit Intel) flag is 0x014c. The 64-bit x86 flag is 0x8664.

See also:

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Nice tip. Too bad there isn't a Windows Explorer extension for this (although this looks close: – Brett Veenstra Jun 22 '09 at 20:41

Another simple way is to use PESnoop:

C:\>pesnoop photoshop.exe /pe_dh

 PESnoop 2.0 - Advanced PE32/PE32+/COFF OBJ,LIB command line dumper by yoda

Dump of file: photoshop.exe...
Modus:        64bit Portable Executable Image...

One place to get PESnoop is here:

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And for you GUI enthusiasts, the absolute easiest way is to install this Explorer extension:

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Some vendors will also put meta information in the file that will indicate that it's a 64-bit binary. Get the properties on a .exe and look at the version tab. For example, SQL Server 2005 says "SQL Server Windows NT - 64 Bit" in the description. It also has other information indicating 64-bit in fields under "Other version information". This would be up to the vendor, however.

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