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I'm a developer now developing my startup. I really don't know much about IIS setup. I will host my startup on Amazon EC2. And I want to know how can I scale my application if my traffic increase. I been reading about MS Deploy and Web Farm Framework here: IIS Configuration Synchronization for Web Server Farm? . And I want a simple architecture, with not to much configuration. So I been looking an experience with an IIS web farm and Amazon ELBs. And I did not find any one.

So the question is:

  • It is possible to make a IIS web farm with Amazon ELBs?
  • Any experience on Ec2 on this?
  • What you recommend for an easy web farm setup with IIS adn Amazon tools?
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Have a look at http://appharbor.com They provide web application hosting (IIS) with automatic deployment and scaling is as easy as setting a number of instances (much like Azure). So no hassle with setting up servers etc

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