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I have Investigated enabling MySQL query logging. At some point, soon, it would be nice to enable this on my companies production server so that if there is ever a question about queries run against the database, we can see them.

I have found: Add the following line to /etc/my.cnf: log=/var/log/mysql_query.log and restart the MySQL server. I could also profile slow queries: log-slow-queries = /var/log/mysql_slow_queries.log long_query_time = 1.

I have not yet found any documentation detailing log file size capping to ensure that the file does not continue to grow past a certain point. Is anyone aware of such a thing?

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You can use logrotate on linux to help with this. There are many howtos that show you how to do this. Essentially, make sure logrotate is in your crontab, I use the daily one on busy machines.

Then just create /etc/logrotate.d/mysql accordingly and you're off to the races!

Here's a great howto:

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