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I have an Oracle DB on a Win 2k3 Server (64-Bit). I have to access the database from a Win7 (64-Bit) machine.

I have downloaded Instant Client and the 64-Bit ODBC driver, and have apparently successfull installed it. Specifically, I downloaded the Instant Client and driver zip files, unzipped them both to the same directory, then ran the odbc_install.exe file. This reported driver installed successfully. Then I added the directory to the windows "Path" environment variable. (i.e., I followed the instructions here).

The problem arises when I attempt to connect. I open the ODBC Data Source Administrator, attempt to add a System DSN. When I click on "Test Connection", the bastard hangs and crashes. It doesn't matter what details I try an put in there, it hangs and crashes.

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