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I have a clean install of MS SBS 2003 Premium. I installed MSSQL 2000 with SP4. Now I am trying to install CRM 3.0 that requires SQL Reporting Services - but it says its not there.

When I go to Add/Remove programs "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Standard Edition" is listed.

I read somewhere that if reporting services was installed / set up then there would be a site under IIS names "ReportingServices" (or something along those lines). I do not have those - the only two I don't know are Microsoft SharePoint Administration and SharePoint Central Administration.

Questions: 1. how do I set up reporting services and get it running? 2. are ms sharpoint admin and sharepoint central sites under the IIS related to reporting services?

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Check "table 5" in the SQL Server™ 2000 Reporting Services Deployment Guide on TechNet

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