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I'm trying to force SSL and non-SSL on certain pages of my site with redirects in the Lighttpd config file. I have redirects to SSL working fine:

$HTTP["host"] == "" {
     url.redirect = ( "(login|register/payment|resetpassword|account/password)" => "$1" )

And now I'm trying to go the other way around but I can't get the pattern to hit right (had a copy working fine under apache with .htaccess):

$HTTP["host"] == "" {
     url.redirect = ( "!(login|register/payment|resetpassword|account/password|images|css|javascript|minify/minify.php|states)" => "$1" )

I've tried many combinations but I usually end up in an endless redirect loop because the second matches all URLs when on the SSL port, or it doesn't trigger at all. Any suggestions?

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Try using (?!: instead of !( for a negative match.

 url.redirect = ( "(?!:login|register/payment|resetpassword|account/password|images|css|javascript|minify/minify.php|states)" => "$1" )
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