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What is the command line to silently install an MSI file?

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Not all MSIs will allow silent installation, I don't think. – Eddie Jun 23 '09 at 2:23
Find a full list of Command Line options here: – Qwerty Jun 23 '09 at 2:31
@Eddie: all real MSI files can be installed in silent mode by design, but it is indeed possible for vendors to mess this up by putting non-standard constructs into the MSI (custom actions). – Stein Åsmul Sep 19 '09 at 17:11
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Standard Installer Command-Line Options


Quiet display option.

The installer runs an installation without displaying a user interface.


msiexec /package Application.msi /quiet
msiexec /uninstall Application.msi /quiet
msiexec /update msipatch.msp /quiet
msiexec /uninstall msipatch.msp /package Application.msi / quiet

Note The equivalent Windows Installer Command-Line Option is /qn.


run this command to find more information about the installation options.

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You got some good answers here already, but I just want to add the "quick and easy" way : use the "command line builder tool" from Altiris (direct download) (broken link, see below). I am very experienced with msiexec.exe, but the command lines are so long that it is easy to make mistakes. I prefer to generate the complex ones and eliminate that error source.

N.B: hope posting download links to tools is ok! I am not affiliated with Altiris in any way. It's a free tool, it's easy to use and it works. Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

UPDATE: The Wise packaging products have been discontinued due to a number of legal issues and this command line tool is also not available for download any more. It can still be found via a google search.

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are the links dead? (off: command line builder gui wizard, what an idea) – n611x007 Apr 23 '15 at 15:14
I am sad to say this great tool appears to no longer be available for download from Wise since the overall Wise product has been taken off market. I am considering rewriting a similar tool myself. – Stein Åsmul Apr 23 '15 at 22:07

See the docs for "Unattended":

In short, while there are ways to cause them to fail, these flags should work:

 msiexec /qb /i blah.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress
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There's also these:

/q , /qn  No UI.
/qb       Basic UI.
/qb!      Basic UI with no cancel button.
/qr       Reduced UI. A modal dialog box is displayed at the end of the install.
/qf       Full UI. A modal dialog box is displayed at the end of the install.
/qn+      No UI. However, a modal dialog box is displayed at the end of the installation.
/qb+      Basic UI. A modal dialog box is displayed at the end of the installation. If you         cancel the installation, a modal dialog box is not displayed.
/qb-      Basic UI with no modal dialog boxes.


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