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If I have multiple Powershell Prompts to different machines, it can get confusing. While, the command prompts all show the machine I am at, I was trying to find a solution that changed the titlebar to the machine I'm hooked up.

Or I am open to any other suggestions.

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  • One way to do this, if you don't have a ton of servers to manage, is to change the background of your PowerShell console for different servers. I usually do this for user account management, i.e. a PS console launched as a normal user is blue and an admin console has a red background. It gets impractical if you have more than five or six servers, though.
  • You could make the prompt reflect the hostname of the server you're on. Check out some concepts behind changing PowerShell prompts here and here. Why user@hostname isn't in the default prompt for PowerShell is beyond me.
  • You may be interested in the "PowerCMD" utility.
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you can set the shell window title with $Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "Eat at Joe's"

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