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When I ask my DNS server for a non existent domain it gives me no answer rather than saying "REFUSED":

#nslookup redhafdst.com. ns.myserver.com
Server:         ns.myserver.com

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find redhafdst.com.: No answer

In windows it lists all the root servers:

> nslookup fakesite667.com ns.myserver.com
Server:   ns.myserver.com

Name:    fakesite667.com
Served by:



Is this normal behavior? Does it have something to do with a security risk or a bad configuration?

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Refusing queries for random domains is an indication that's it's configured to be authoritative only, and to refuse requests for which it doesn't directly have a zone file.

There's a handful of options that combine to determine a BIND server's recursion behavior, but mostly, you're looking for the settings of the recursion and allow-recursion options. They're either disabled, or recursion may be enabled but your host isn't in the allow-recursion list.

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Authoritative Only was the key, now it works as expected. Thanks. –  Marcelo González Aug 15 '11 at 6:37

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