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This is my first time asking a question here but I've been lurking around Serverfault and Superuser for a bit. I've tried searching for this but I have yet to find something that would be able to help me.

My question is how would you enable port mirroring for a HP Procurve 5406ZL? The configuration guide is not very clear in the mirror-port function. I know that I'll need to use the mirror-port [[ethernet] PORT-NUM] but it don't know (or how) should I go specifying the target port to be mirrored?

I hope that the question is clear enough for you all to extend your assistance.

Thank you very much in advance.

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You set the target to be monitored using the monitor command page 385 in your book.

Usage: [no] monitor mac MAC-ADDR mirror <1-4 | NAME-STR>

Description: Set up traffic monitoring for a given MAC address. Network traffic with this MAC address as the source or destination is copied to the mirror port.

Parameters: MAC-ADDR - MAC address to be monitored

- Type of traffic to monitor: src - Monitor traffic with MAC-ADDR as the source. dst - Monitor traffic with MAC-ADDR as the destination. both - Monitor traffic with MAC-ADDR as the source or destination.

<1-4> - Mirror destination number

NAME-STR - Friendly name associated with the mirror destionation number.

This may also help

How to configure remote and intelligent mirroring on ProCurve switches

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The issue was resolved by the client's network vendor. Thank you for your time and assistance. –  fooyoong Oct 11 '11 at 7:38

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