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I need to update a ftp user's home directory. Could I run the userdel command then re-add the user without losing the directory the user was attached to? Or is there another way to change the user's directory?

I'm not using a chroot_list either...


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You want to use the usermod command. You're going to want to use the -m and -d directives to modify their home directory and move its contents:

  -d, --home HOME_DIR
       The users new login directory.

       If the -m option is given, the contents of the current home
       directory will be moved to the new home directory, which is created
       if it does not already exist.

  -m, --move-home
       Move the content of the users home directory to the new location.

       This option is only valid in combination with the -d (or --home)
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Thanks, that worked perfectly! – Spencer Aug 15 '11 at 19:15

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