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I have a dell PowerEdge and need to replace one of the SAS drives in it. I noticed the supplier I order from does not sell a specific "DELL" SAS replacement drive, but they have what appear to be compatible SAS (15000rpm/146gb/SAS) drives.

The problem is, they are branded "IBM", "HP" and "Fujtisu". Each of them appear to have their own type of hot swappable mechanism attached in the picture.

I am ASSUMING that's OK and I would simple unscrew the drive from that enclosure and put it in to my Dell hot swap tray?

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That is what you would typically do but you should probably verify that the drive is supported in your server. You should be able to get that information from Dell. – joeqwerty Aug 15 '11 at 19:34
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As far as the logistics go, that will work. The hot swap enclosure is just an enclosure for a standard 3.5 inch drive. However there was a time when Dell machines would only recognise, or allow you to use Dell branded disks. I believe Dell updated their firmware in most places to make that not the case, but you may want to make sure that your firmware is up to date.

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Isn't your Dell still under warranty? If it isn't, you can replace the disk with another model and reuse the hotswap drive carrier.

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