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Magento Enterprise 9
Full Page Caching is on
Cache depth: 1 (ex. catalog.html?p=1)

Current results from JMeter after about 1,000 samples:

Homepage: 8.5/sec - ~40kb
Catalog: 6.1/sec - ~65kb

Error rate is very low, 0% for homepage, and 1.1% for catalog.

There's no reverse proxy server or a load-balancer in front of the server yet.

When the test is running, I can see a spike in requests being sent to the MySQL server.
Does Magento full page caching not fully cache the pages, or is there something wrong with the state of cache?

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  1. Can you post jMeter profile - depending on your cookie configuration, you will find differing results from EE's FPC

  2. Also, how have you configured your cache backend, to use File/Backend/DB/Memcache/Redis?

Both of the above points will effect the frequency and type of SQL queries being executed. But I wouldn't rely solely on FPC - especially when benchmarking. It makes a lot more sense to disable FPC but leave the remaining caches enabled, so as not to skew your benchmarking.

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