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I need to disable updates for a particular host but I want to keep the graphs for historical data.

I've tried using update no on the host definition in munin.conf but that removes the host from the overview etc. This isn't quite what I was expecting based on the docs.

The HTML and images are (obviously) still there in /var/www/html/munin and I can still load the URL manually, but I'd like it to be listed in the overview.

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Change the plugin to output "nan" (not a number) every time it is called. This will cause munin to not plot anything.

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You could disable the munin-node running on the device you no longer wish to monitor. Unfortunately stats will still try to update and graphs will flatline but historical data will be preserved.

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Unfortunately I can't do this since the graphs in question are all running on the local munin-node. They are plugins which check remote HTTP services. I guess I could modify the plugins to always return '0' or something. – Andy Madge Dec 7 '11 at 1:27

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