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I have 1 domain and 2 VPS's with CPanel.

I configured one machine as mail server and one machine as a webserver for the domain:

Both machines have an Cpanel account like this : domain.com

I setup the MX record in DNS in my domainname provider setup to mail.domain.com (which points to VPS1 ip) and 2 A-records for domain.com and www.domain.com pointinf to VPS 2 ip.

Everything is working fine, but when I send a mail from a php-application on the web server to a local email adress on the mail server, nothing is received. I can't find those mails anywhere. Everything works ok when I setup the mail server on the same machine as the web-server.

Something tells me that these local mails coming from the other VPS (with the same domain) are rejected somehow. I found smoe things about relaying that is not allowed, but how do I configure it then so this works.

Any explanation for this (and a solution maybe) ?

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1 Answer

If go to Edit DNS Zone on webserver and check "Remote Mail Exchanger more »" WHM delete domain from file /etc/localdomains*emphasized text* and next time, when you app try to send a email, ask to DNS for location MX of domain.

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