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If I was in AD, the parameters would look like:
objUser.ConnectClientDrivesAtLogon = Enabled
objUser.ConnectClientPrintersAtLogon = Enabled
objUser.DefaultToMainPrinter = Enabled
objUser.TerminalServicesInitialProgram = "something"
objUser.TerminalServicesWorkDirectory = "c:\something"

But these don't work when not in AD. How do I programmatically set these values for local, non-AD users?

I'm not tied to vbscript, if you know of another way to do it.

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Those properties are not defined for accounts on a local computer.

Are the values going to be the same for every user? You could just configure the per-computer settings on your terminal server.

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They will not be the same for every user. The values I'm trying to set are the checkboxes and fields on the Environment tab of a local Windows user. – SeanFromIT Feb 3 '12 at 21:21

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