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The aim here is a security catch-all to disallow php execution of files created by the apache user (i.e. uploaded to a php script). Also we'd change the .html/.htm/.xhtml etc to text/plain to help protect against JS based attacks on other users.

Something like:

<FileOwnerMatch apache>
    #Disable PHP execution
    #change mime types

Can it be done?

NB We do check file extensions on uploads, but we'd like somethng akin to the above for added peace of mind.

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You should make sure that Apache is only allowed to write into specific directories and disallow all execution for this directories (both CGI and PHP) with a <directory> statement.

Deactivating PHP can be done with a statement

php_flag engine off

in the <directory> part of your Apache configuration.

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Yes, we already do something equivalent. But as mentioned in the original post this is a catch all safety net. Just in case there are 777 directories somewhere that we have missed, or that get created in the future. – DaedalusFall Aug 17 '11 at 17:38

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