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I'm using screen (LINUX) to run servers or task, but I want to put more than one task in one screen, is it impossible? Like:

screen -A -m -d -S test_screen userdel -r user_test && useradd -m -p 'encrypt_pass' user_test

How to change && because it leads first task left in screen and another execute in display and "" doesn't help, too.

I want to do it that each task executes one after the other.

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Try this screen -A -m -d -S test_screen sh -c "userdel -r user_test && useradd -m -p 'encrypt_pass' user_test"

Encasing the command in sh -c "" runs the whole command in the default shell

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Put all commands you want to execute into a shell script and run it with screen.

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Several ideas:

  1. Put the commands in a script, run the script from within the screen.
  2. Use subshell (i.e. put the commands inside ( ) )
  3. Use bash -c 'command a && command b' as the command to be run by screen
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