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It does not do it even in Win 7 RC.

Is this a legal issue or just too difficult to implement?


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As others have metioned WMP does play blu-ray with a suitable 3rd party codec.

Blu-ray was not the standard MS backed in the HD war and also requires a java vm(!). Also is some ways blu-ray is more restrictive than HD-DVD, Sony's blu-ray favours dedicated devices, HD-DVD would have allowed streaming to X-Box from PCs etc. These are two different visions in the battle for the living room.

See -

So, basically, it might be sour grapes. On the other hand XP did not include a DVD codec, in fact I don't think Vista business had a DVD codec, although the home versions of vista did, so maybe it is a cost saving issue that will be revised in latter version. Not that they would be saving a large amount of money...

You don't need a JVM to play Blu-Ray discs. Some menus require Java, but you can always cycle through the tracklist if you don't want to install Java on your system. – Portman May 2 '09 at 17:05
That may be true, but a blu-ray player needs a JVM in order to satisfy the blu-ray standard AFAIK... – Christopher Edwards May 3 '09 at 2:12

WPM can theoretically play decrypted Blu-Ray as long as you have the encoders installed that can do it - and preferably a video card that can do hardware decoding.

All in all though, you are probably better off paying for a 3rd party app like PowerDVD or Total Media Theatre to do it.


As I understand it, it's because a license to the BluRay codecs would increase the per-user cost by a few bucks, and rather than making everyone pay for a license to the BluRay codecs, it's simpler to just let users who have BluRay players pay for them.

How this is different from DVD codecs? Actually, AFAIR WMP didn't play DVD's for about 2 years from when first players hit the shelves... Maybe we will see it in some near future. – saldoukhov May 2 '09 at 6:16

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