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In Apache I would like a URL "/myscript" or "/myscript?param=myparam" to execute a CGI script located at:


I have tried:

Action custom-action /usr/local/scripts/
<Location "/myscript">
    SetHandler custom-action

but this isn't working.

Any ideas how I can achieve the mapping of URL to script?

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mod_rewrite can easily do that with

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/myscript$
RewriteRules (.*) /usr/local/scripts/

Be sure to set permissions appropriately, both the actual file permissions and a Directory Directive to allow access to that folder.

Example Directory Directive:

<Directory "/usr/local/scripts">
    Allow from All
    AllowOverride None
    Options None +ExecCGI
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Your handler will work if you create a file or directory in DOCUMENT_ROOT called myscript. Haven't worked out why yet, but it works!

[edit] Seems that if you're using Action to define the handler then you're effectively creating a filter through which the files in the filesystem will be passed (e.g. for DIY server-side include processing). If the target doesn't exist in the filesystem then there's nothing to pass to your script (through PATH_TRANSLATED) so the server throws an error.

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