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How to group some class / define in the node.pp file?

node 'node1' {
        ntp { ntp:
            server_is => "node"
        dns_resolv { dns:
            server_is => "node"

And, I have some modules: "oracle rpm", "sshkey users", "kernel parameters", ... and I don't know how to group together an unique class, for example "oracle-base" which contains all of my previous modules, then, if I declare a node with "oracle-base", it would automatically configure my node for oracle's modules.

How did you do that?

Thanks !

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See: Learning Puppet — Modules and Classes – kenorb Apr 25 '15 at 18:45

Puppet Labs has some good documentation on this scenario here:

Essentially, you put your manifest configuration inside a class defintion. Then you "include classname" under your node or another class.

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