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I have set up a subdomain in plesk. I have set the A type entry's ip address under the server > dns settings to the site ip I have check the subdomain address through the browser for the past week and I recieve a page not found error. It has been a week since I set up the subdomain, so it should have been picked up by now.

Is there a setting or step I have missed in getting this going.


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We need a whole lot more information for this to be answerable. Is your plesk server configured as the authoritative server for your domain? Are you able to get results to queries for the record directly against the server? Can you provide the DNS zone's full configuration? – Shane Madden Aug 18 '11 at 21:54

The DNS will be configured automatically when you add the sub-domain via plesk. You don't need to add separate DNS entries for your subdomain in plesk. If you can provide your domain name, we can check whether the DNS is properly configured.



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