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I am really lost with Application pools settings.

I am monitoring CPU utilization with resource monitor and/or windows task manager and the server hardly uses over 30% in one second. It seems that server and IIS can handle traffic and visits with ease.

Surprisingly, Even Viewer reports plenty of WAS 5025 events:

Application pool '%1' exceeded its job limit settings.

Application pools advanced setting:


Limit: 95
Limit Action: NoAction
Limit Interval (minutes): 5

There is no way that my IIS has 95% utilization for 5 minutes.

Or do I not understand these setting correctly?

Please advice

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As per my understanding the cpu limit should be configured in 1/1000ths of percents. See:

So, setting the cpu limit to 95 configures IIS to use 0,095% as the maximum percentage of CPU time that the worker processes in the application pool are allowed to consume.

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