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I'm currently having a look at Opsview, which looks quiet good. I downloaded the virtual appliance to make some tests and at the moment I'm a bit stuck on a part which I considered to be very easy.

I want to define a service check, which takes a parameter ($ARG1$). This service should now be assigned to a host serveral times, but with different values for the parameter.

Is this possible with Opsview? I even was not able to define a service check with a parameter and then specifie this parameter. In the end I choose "Exception" and then substituted there the parameter $ARG1$ with my desired value. That could not be the right way to achieve this?

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I think you're nearly correct.

From the OpsView documentation

It is possible at the host or the host template selection screen for services to monitor to make an exception for the arguments passed to the plugin.

Just enter the new arguments within the text field and when an Opsview reload is run, these arguments will be used instead of the default ones in the service check definition.

So, you add your arguments as the exception and they are used instead of those specified in the service check definition.

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